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100 iPhone Apps to Seriously Boost Your Brainpower

In today’s technological world, it’s never been easier to self-educate yourself with television programs, free online courses, extensive library databases and iPhone applications. Use the time you’d spend on the subway, waiting in line or other dead time to gain a little knowledge with the help of your iPhone or iTouch. These apps are educational, easy to understand and practical for everyday situations like work projects or trivia with your friends on Wednesday night. Browse through the categories and see what interests you.

General Knowledge Trivia, Quizzes and Games

    1. Totally Awesome Facts to Impress and Annoy Your Friends With – You’ll be everyone’s best friends for trivia night and drive them crazy the rest of the week with all the facts you’ll learn from this application.

    2. Handy Facts: Important Facts that Matter – Sometimes it nice to be a Jack of all trades. With Handy Facts, you’ll information that you’ll hopefully use.

    3. Question of the Day – This one is for the people who love to ask questions. Now you can fire away on your app and learn a new piece of information everyday without the eye rolling from your friends and coworkers.

    4. Learn Chess – Chess is a game of strategy. Learn it and you’re sure to impress someone with your skills.

    5. Dr. Memory Shape – Improve your memory by memorizing the order of the shapes on this app for $1.99.

    6. Peg Solver – This little game is a Cracker Barrel restaurant favorite. Master it by leaving only one peg on the board.

    7. A+ IQ Test – This IQ test is just for fun, but you might improve your IQ and pretend it’s the real deal.

    8. IQ Test – This IQ test app is a little more like the real thing. It takes 40 minutes to complete and is for information and entertainment purposes only.

    9. Amazing Mazes – Working through this app’s mazes will improve your problem solving skills.

    10. My Wisdom – This inexpensive trivia game will quiz your knowledge on history, literature, social studies and other tidbits of information. This app is educational focused and is great for adults and children.

    11. Brain Tutor 3D – Hire your own personal brain tutor for free. This app lets you explore the parts of the brain in 3D and view the inside of the brain like a slide on a microscope.

    12. Word of the Day – This is a classic vocabulary building tool that will teach your 365 new words and their definitions a year for free.

    13. Razor Smart – Become razor sharp smart with this quiz-style math game. The app will teach basic addition skills and encourage better memorization as well.

    14. Dr. Memory Color – Dr. Memory Color is a memorization game where you must remember the order of the colors and complete the pattern from your memory.

    15. Roll Control – This game has 50 levels of marble controlling fun. Balance your marbles on the screen to destroy targets and earn points.

    16. Brain Blast – This application will blast your brain. Find out how many mathematic calculations you can answer correctly in 60 seconds. You’ll improve your mental agility and remember all the math you learned in elementary school.

    17. Num Zap – Zap the numbers off the screen in the correct order as they appear randomly. This game is more challenging than it sounds.

    18. Cube Tutorial – Learn how to complete a rubix cube once and for all. Then you can impress your friends by solving the cube puzzle in a matter of minutes.

    19. Number 24 Brain Challenge Training – Exercise your brain by performing math logic problems with Number 24 Brain Challenge Training. This app costs only 99 cents.

    20. Brain + Get Smarter – Spend some time getting smarter with this little bear. He’ll teach you how to add, subtract, divide and multiply better and enhance your memorization skills.

    21. Brain 2: Global Challenge – Here’s another iBear Brain game that challenges your mind with calculations. This global version will compare scores with other players from across the globe.

Sciences and Mathematics

    22. Math Drills Lite – This app will certainly drill basic math skills into your head and improve memory, math and financial skills along the way. It teaches mathematics by using props like wooden blocks or your finger to count on.

    23. Stars – You can learn the map of the night sky with the Stars app. It draws out the constellations so you can learn the stars, constellation names and what to look for to see them.

    24. The Chemical Touch: Lite Edition – The Chemical Touch Lite Edition is a free periodic table complete with all the elemental information color coded on your screen.

    25. Physics Formulas – You can’t solve physics problems without a formula. Now you have them at your fingertips to aid in problem solving or formula memorization while you are on the go.

    26. Star Map 3D – Star Map 3D is an app that shows you the constellations in three-dimensional form, a database of 15,000 stars and there positions in the sky and detailed information on astrological phenomena like absolute brightness and spectral class.

    27. Mathomatic – The Mathomatic will help you simplify complex polynomial algebraic equations on an easy to read screen for $1.99. This app breaks down each problem step by step just like a good tutor would do.

    28. Physics – This app is a physics reference guide for high-school level physics. It covers mechanics, energy, electricity, wave phenomena, modern physics, motion in planes, internal energy, electromagnetic applications, geometric optics and nuclear energy.

    29. Statistics Toolkit – This application will give you all the tools you need to evaluate statistical information.

    30. Basic Math – Basic math skills are the building blocks of complex equations. Review all your basics with this handy app.

    31. Mathematics Formulas – Trying to remember a bunch of formulas is hard enough. Then you have to apply them and solve equations correctly. This first step is to learn those formulas; this app will help you do it.

    32. Luna: Phases of the Moon – Ever wonder what phase of the moon is appearing in the night sky? This application makes it simple to find out.

    33. Math Genius – Play this game by filling in the correct answer to the equation shown and boost your math skills by earning points for a high score.

    34. Oxford Dictionary of Astronomy – This version of the Oxford Dictionary covers every aspect of astronomy from the constellations to the physics terms used to measure things way out in space.

    35. Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy – MacWorld rated this app a 5 of 5 for its compact 3D universe on your iPhone.

    36. Exam Master Calculus AB – You’ll learn the basics concepts of calculus with this application for your iPhone and ace your next test.


    37. Awesome Nudibranches: Colorful Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Sea Creatures – These colorful sea creatures will capture your attention and you’ll learn about the biology of the ocean while you’re at it.

    38. Beautiful Butterflies – Beautiful Butterflies is another app that will teach you about the different species of a part of the animal kingdom. The pretty pictures are just a plus.

    39. I Love Nature – I Love Nature is a relaxing way to learn about animals, plants and the biological environment through pictures and sounds.

    40. Sex Terms – This is not your high school health class stuff. Learn all the technical terms of sex and all things involving sex. This app is for mature audiences.

    41. Animal Factoids Lite – Download this app for a bundle of animal facts and cool information to sample for free.

    42. Biology Quiz – Think you know all there is to know about the basics of biology? Take this quiz and find out with the Biology Quiz app.

    43. Oxford Dictionary of Zoology – Veterinarians and animal biologist will appreciate this dictionary of zoology terms application.

Literature, Arts and Culture

    44. Quote Book – Never be without the perfect quote again. This app comes in handy for graduation cards and other occasions that need a few words of praise or encouragement.

    45. Art Lite – This free app is like a art gallery in your phone. View famous works of art from Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and more influential artists. You can also test your knowledge of the masterpieces by taking a quiz.

    46. Random Pose – Inspire your artistic side with the Random Pose app that features 19,000 human poses to reference while you’re drawing or sculpting.

    47. Essay Starter Kit by Essay Writing Wizard – Need help beginning that essay due in a few days? This application gives you good tips and solid essay writing techniques that will shape your words into a great essay.

    48. Greek Gods – Learn all about the Greek gods of mythology with this app on your iPhone or iTouch. You’ll be one step ahead if you ever sign up for a Greek mythology class.

    49. The Artist: Vincent Van Gogh – This app provides background information on the famed artist Vincent Van Gogh and his works.

    50. World Wonders – Find all the wonders of the world in the palm of your hands. World Wonders has pictures, facts and quizzes on more than 100 amazing natural and man-made wonders.

    51. Johan Sebastian Bach – This educational app is devoted to composer Johan Sebastian Bach. Hear 44 samples of his pieces while you read up on Bach’s life with the included biography.

    52. Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms – If you need to know the definitions of numerous art terms on the fly, download the Oxford Dictionary of Art Terms for a reliable resource.

    53. Oxford Dictionary of Shakespeare – Become a seasoned bard with the Oxford Dictionary of Shakespeare app. Just don’t get too carried away with all the Shakespearean terms and begin to talk like a person straight from the Middle Ages. People might look at you weird unless you’re at a Renaissance Fair.

Test Preparation and Study Tools

    54. GRE MATH Review – Review your math skills to prepare for the math portion of the GRE with this application loaded on your iPhone.

    55. SAT Vocab Challenge – High school students can quiz themselves and prepare for the SAT vocabulary test at the same time.

    56. 1,400 Essential GRE Words – More vocabulary practice, but for the GRE. You’ll learn up to 1,400 words that will better prepare you for the big test day.

    57. Notecards – Memorize anything you want to on these digital note cards. It’s a tried and true way to lock information in your brain.

    58. GMAT Practice – Prepare for the GMAT with this application and you’ll be on your way to a graduate education in business management.

    59. Law School 100 – Think you’d like to go to law school? Download this app to find out what law school is about, or law students can use it as a reference guide on law basics.

    60. SAT Prep Vocabulary Quiz – More SAT vocabulary preparation for high scores. Practice makes perfect.

    61. LSAT Express – The LSAT is required before you can be admitted into a law school. Study hard for the exam during your spare time on the LSAT Express app.

History and Geography

    62. State Capitals for Kids – Learn the state capitals easily. This isn’t just kiddie information.

    63. History: Maps of World – You’ll have a map of the world at your fingertips with this interactive map application.

    64. Today in History – Learn about important events in history that happened on the same day a long time ago. It’s a bit of history every day for gradual, fun learning.

    65. World Wide Capitals – If you ever wanted to know what the capital of Mongolia was, this app can help you out in a pinch. It’s got all the world’s capitals crunched into one little app.

    66. Founding Fathers Quotations – Become a Founding Fathers expert with this app full of quotations from the men that brought the United States together in 1776.

    67. US Flags – Find out what your state flag looks like or look up another flag for the other 49 states with this app that displays pictures of state flags and background information on the flag.

    68. Civil War Quiz 101: US History – Quiz your knowledge of the US Civil War by downloading this application. The application will help you learn more about American history while you’re having fun playing a quiz game.

    69. Geography Quiz 101 – Quiz yourself again with the Geography Quiz 101 app. Identify geographical information and earn points for the correct answers.

    70. Oxford Dictionary of World History – This dictionary is a history buff’s dream. It contains information on every important historical event in the world.

    71. Revolutionary War Quiz: US History – Put your knowledge of the Revolutionary War to the test with this history lesson quiz game. This is a great way to encourage little ones to learn about American history early.

    72. US State Flowers Quiz – Learn which flower represents your state and check out other state’s flowers to see if you recognize any of them. You can also check out the flower quiz and test your knowledge of the patriotic blooms.

    73. US State Slogans Quiz – You may never need to know each state’s slogan, but it’s an educational way to pass the time if you’re stuck somewhere.

    74. US Presidents Quiz 101: US History – Learn all the past U.S. presidents right up to President Obama with this memorization application.

References and Guides

    75. Tips and Tricks: iPhone Secret Lite – Boost the iPhone part of your brain with this e-guide on iPhone tips and tricks to make using it more effective

    76. eTextbooks for the iPhone – College students can find electronic copies of their textbooks and corresponding materials using this app. It may save a few dollars when you have to buy books each semester.

    77. US National Debt -Stay current on the U.S. economy with an app that keeps up with the national debt to the penny. Looking at that big number will at least make you feel better when you have to pay bills.

    78. World Atlas and Fact Book – An atlas is a great thing to have whether it’s on your iPhone or a book in your car. This handy application can get you anywhere in the world.

    79. 100 Ways to Motivate Others – Boosting brainpower isn’t just about learning loads of information, it’s also about social skills and learning how to work with others. Read over these 100 tips on how to motivate others and become the post productive team at work.

    80. The World Factbook Lite – Enjoy this smaller version of the World Factbook in on your iPhone. It’s sure to come in handy someday.


    81. Free Chinese Essentials – Learn Chinese on your iPhone with this app.

    82. Free French Essentials – Learn French on your iPhone with this app.

    83. Free Spanish Word of the Day – This free app will teach you one Spanish work a day; that’s 365 new words to add to your Spanish vocabulary. Hopefully you’ll be able to string some together and form a sentence.

    84. Free Korean Essentials -Learn Korean on your iPhone with this app.

    85. Free Portuguese Essentials – Learn Portuguese on your iPhone with this app.

    86. Free Italian Essentials – Learn Italian your iPhone on this app.

    87. Free German Essentials – Learn German on your iPhone using this app.

    88. Kids Spanish Lite – Kids Spanish Lite is great for young children or beginners in Spanish.

    89. Accelastudy: Spanish/English – This application is also for beginners in Spanish. It teaches the basics of Spanish vocabulary and verb conjugations, and features a fun quiz to measure your progress. Currently, the app is on sale for $7.99.

    90. Basic Braille – Not all languages are spoken. Learn Braille with this app and be able to communicate with the blind community. Learning Braille can also benefit your career since it adds to your communication skills

    91. Morse Code Pro – Morse Code is not used very often in these technological times, but you never know what situations may arise when you’ll need it. Remember the Boy Scout motto: “Be Prepared.”

    92. ASL Ultimate – Learning American Sign Language can also be a career booster, and you’ll be able to speak easily with deaf people. Chances are you’ll be in a position to use this skill more than once in a lifetime.

    93. A + Greek Alphabet Flashcards – Learn your Greek alphabet before you get to college and join a fraternity or sorority. These flashcards will allow you to quickly memorize Greek letters from the convenience of your iPhone or iTouch.

    94. Crossword Step by Step: English 15,000 – Learn the English language by playing this classic Sunday newspaper pastime. You’ll learn 15,000 common English words from 100 different crossword puzzles on a single app for $2.99.

    95. Multilingual Dictionary – If you’re going to learn a new language on your iPhone, you may need a dictionary to help you translate some of your new tongues. This multilingual dictionary is very handy.

Vocabulary and Grammar

    96. Best Word Searches – Who doesn’t like a good, challenging word search to pass some dead time. You’ll not only improve your mental agility, but also your vocabulary.

    97. Word Magic – Word Magic is designed for young children, ages four and up, learning new words to build a solid vocabulary. Use this app to entertain little ones with fill-in the blank word games. The voice recording on the application is even recorded by a kid.

    98. Blanks – Use Blanks to expand your vocabulary by matching a word with its correct definition. An old school favorite.

    99. Spelling Lists – Do you have trouble remembering if 90 is spelled “ninety” or “ninty?” Make a customized spelling list of up to 140 words to train your brain on the correct spelling of words that frequently trip you up when you’re writing. Once you make a list, Spelling Lists will remove a letter of a word so you can complete the word with the correct vowel or consonant. No more Spell Check for you!

    100. Awesome Anagrams – This 99 cent flashcard app will make you an anagram expert. You’ll learn to pull words from another different word simply by rearranging the order of the letters. Would you get “dirty room” from “dormitory” just by looking at a single word?

These applications for boosting your brainpower are just drop in the bucket. Go on over to iTunes and see what other smarty pants apps your can download to become a regular old egghead.